Apple jumped into the AR market with the introduction of ARKit at WWDC, and instantly one of the first rumors to arise was talk of Apple AR glasses. It seems that talk came from solid sources as a new report confirms Apple is working on a headset.

According to the Financial Times, Apple is working with multiple prototypes of the AR glasses that includes multiple cameras, sensors and displays. Some prototypes solely rely on the iPhone as the primary display with 3D cameras to create the AR experience.

The most interesting detail of the report is that Apple is still not sure what the proper application of the AR glasses will be. This is the reason Apple still hasn't settled on a final design for the glasses. A group of engineers is said to be pushing for the display-less design that uses the iPhone.

The report goes on to say that Apple may just settle on the glasses being an accessory much like how Snapchat's Spectacles are.

It sounds as if Apple is still unsure about the product in general. This may explain why Apple has waited so long to actually jump into AR. Prior to announcing ARKit in June, rumors ran rampant about what Apple would do in terms of creating a proper augmented reality headset. Apple shifted its focus to the glasses but has yet to nail down the focus for the glasses themselves.

Most reports don't expect the glasses to be released until at least next year, so Apple has some time to come to a decision. In the meantime, ARKit will be available for everyone to experiment with when iOS 11 is released as an over-the-air update for iPhones in September.