The iPhone XR was supposed to be Apple’s answer to declining smartphone sales, but that hasn’t exactly been the case. There have been multiple reports about how the iPhone XR isn’t the hot-seller it was meant to be and the latest report from Bloomberg sheds light on how Apple is trying to make up for the disappointing sales figures.

According to Bloomberg, Apple shifted part of its marketing staff in October to focus on bolstering sales for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. A person close to the situation described the move as a “fire drill” and an admission that the devices may not be selling as well as expected.

After the change, Apple began to push heavy discounts for the iPhone XR, something it rarely does in the first months of availability for a flagship device. Once such deal that’s been at the top of its site is an iPhone XR deal for $449 after a qualifying trade-in with an iPhone 7.

Deals like that have always been available through carriers, but rarely through Apple. In fact, Apple is known for offering below market value for trade-ins, yet it has changed its tune in 2018.

The slumping iPhone sales have also hit Apple’s market value hard over the last couple months. Since becoming the first U.S. company to eclipse the $1 trillion valuation mark in August, it’s lost a fifth of its value largely based on declining iPhone sales.

Looking on the bright side, this will at least net customers who’ve been looking for a new iPhone some savings. For Apple, it’ll continue to look for ways to turn things around.