We’ve known for a while that iPhone sales haven’t been doing great and that won’t turn around anytime soon. As such, Apple has allegedly ordered its suppliers to cut production of its new iPhones by 10-percent over the next three months.

The new report sheds more light on Apple’s recent struggles and confirms the company has a tough future ahead. According to the report, Apple made the request late last month just before it announced a new guidance for Q4 2018. Apple will now produce 40 to 43 million iPhones down from the original 47 to 48 million units.

The iPhone XS, XS Max and XR haven’t caught on as originally anticipated but it’s not because they are not great smartphones. They are, it’s just that with the smartphone market plateauing, consumers are upgrading less, leading to disappointing sales figures.

With slowing iPhone sales continuing in 2019, Apple must find a way to revitalize interest in the iPhone be that with cheaper prices or new features. Regardless of what Apple does, it won’t be an easy road in the coming year.