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One of Tim Cook's biggest projects as Apple CEO has been his commitment to the environment. Now, the company is taking things a step further with plans for a 1,300-acre solar farm set to offset the power it uses for offices and Apple Stores in California.

Cook announced the news on Tuesday while speaking at the Goldman Sachs Tech Conference. "We know at Apple that climate change is real," Cook said. "Our view is the time for talk is past and the time for action is now," he said, adding that the company's data centers already run on renewable energy.

Apple will pay $848 million as part of a deal with First Solar to build the renewable energy facility. In a press release announcing the news, the Arizona company called it the "largest commercial power deal" ever for clean energy. The new solar farm should be completed in late 2016, around the same time construction wraps up on Apple's shiny new spaceship campus.