Fullscreen app Mac OS X

Having the opportunity to run Mac apps in fullscreen mode under OS X is great, especially when you’re using apps like iPhoto or Final Cut Pro, and you just want to focus on those and nothing else. However, if you have a multi-display setup, fullscreen apps aren’t so good.

You see, when you put an app into fullscreen mode on one display, the others go dark; they just show OS X’s linen background, and you can’t use other apps on them. Obviously this defeats the object of a multi-display setup, and some users are becoming a little frustrated with it.

Stephen Gilbert emailed Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Mac Software Engineering, to ask what the Cupertino company planned to do about it:

I’m emailing about fullscreen app support on multiple displays in OS X. Me and many other professionals would love to be able to run full screen apps on multiple displays. OS X sucks for this. So many people have been asking for a long time, and Apple hasn’t listened.

I just spent $1000 on a Thunderbolt display, and fullscreen mode serves absolutely no purpose for me because I can only use one app at a time, no matter how many displays I have. Is this going to be an update added in the near future? I’m really disappointed.

Federighi’s reply read:

Thanks for the note! I understand your concern around using full screen apps in multi-monitor configurations. I can’t comment about our future product plans, but please do know that we are absolutely aware of our customers’ passion for this topic!

Apple is aware of this issue, then, which means it’s likely already working on a solution for it. Now we can only wait for that solution to arrive. Hopefully it will come in an update to Mountain Lion, and not in the next-generation OS X release.

[Via: Cult of Mac]