Siri has been a work in progress ever since Apple unveiled the voice assistant in 2011. Long strides have been made since then, but it still needs a lot of work. Thus, Apple is looking to get a “Siri Event Maven” that will make Siri much more aware of cultural happenings.

According to 9to5Mac, this so-called Siri Event Maven will “provide strategic awareness of cultural happenings in the collective zeitgeist.”

The job posting was found online and is meant to add contextual awareness of non-traditional holidays, cultural events and other trending events. For instance, this person would be responsible for making sure Siri is aware of “May the 4th” or “National Donut Day.”

Apple says this person will work with engineers and designers to implement the added awareness into Siri.

Currently, Siri is quite aware of national holidays, but with other lesser known events or people, it isn’t quite as useful.

Interestingly enough, this lines up with Apple’s intent to expand Siri into the living room with the new HomePod. Continuing to improve Siri’s awareness is key to expanding the voice functionality inside the HomePod.

In iOS 11, Apple is greatly expanding Siri’s capabilities, imbuing the digital assistant with machine learning and a more natural voice.