CNET is reporting that Apple could have a deal struck with Warner Music and Universal Music Group before the end of the week. The deal will allow Apple to stream its songs with its rumored iRadio streaming product, which will allegedly launch this summer.

One hold out so far, however, is Sony Music Group, which may want to keep its massive library to itself. Here's what CNET had to say:

Apple still needs to get Sony Music Group on board, as well as the music publishers. Even so, Apple has told the labels it's determined to get all its deals signed in time for a summer rollout. In addition to the U.S., Apple is hoping to quickly unveil the service in up to a dozen territories, according to sources, including the U.K, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan.

CNET also reports that Apple is attempting to make the iRadio more streamlined with simple ideas like a quick restart to a song and clearer randomization, meaning that the service will resemble Pandora more than a normal radio.