For all of Apple's predictability — iPhone and iPad design, as an example — the company's approach to the iPod nano has been vastly different. It's always remained an mp3 player along the way, a stalwart in Apple's lineup of iPods, but its appearance has been reinvented more than Madonna.

Apple's 2012 refresh of the iPod nano is yet another example of the company tackling its littlest player with a new outlook. The tiny little device perfectly carries on what made previous generations so great, while adding new flare to the mix: 2.5-inch multi-touch display, slim aluminum design, Nike+ integration and a new nano OS, which is basically an offshoot of iOS.

For $149 (16GB), the small device offers plenty of features, and it'll likely land in a lot of stockings this holiday season. Check out the video for a short unboxing and hands-on.

Apple iPod Nano (2012) Gallery