The iPhone brand is recognized around the world today as an Apple product, but it’s a name that might not have ever been as popular as it is today. In fact, Apple had several different possible names lined up before the iPhone launched. Mobi, iPad, TriPod and TelePod were all considered during marketing meetings, one of Apple’s former advertising executives Ken Segall recently explained.


9to5Mac sat in on a meeting with Segall, who explained that Mobi was considered as a short form of the word “mobile.” TriPod made sense as a brand that described a product capable of replicating three things: your phone, your iPod and your Internet device (remember, connected devices weren’t always necessarily phones back in 2007). TelePod obviously combined the words “telephone” and “iPod” and, finally, the iPad moniker was also considered as a name for the iPhone.

Can you imagine if we were all walking around with TriPods?