Apple is having trouble obtaining the iPhone trademark in Mexico, bearing a striking resemblance to a very similar situation in Brazil. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company has been denied a request for a Mexican technology services company to hand over its "Ifone" name.

Apple initially attempted to register the name in 2009, but was told by the Mexican Industrial Property Institute that it was already taken. In response, Apple sued to acquire the Ifone brand, which was registered in 2003, but a judge ruled the Mexican company was making proper use of it.

Since Apple doesn't own the name in Mexico, the Mexican company is now seeking damages from Apple and three separate mobile operators for using its name without permission.

"Our main interest is to defend our brand," said Eduardo Gallastegui, Ifone's corporate lawyer. Gallastegui said Apple never approached the company about the iPhone name, and therefore is responsible for this whole ordeal. Apple is in a similar situation in Brazil, but reports suggest a deal is being worked out. The iPhone maker will likely try and work out a similar deal in Mexico.