Apple is holding its annual iPhone event tomorrow and for the first time ever, it will livestream the keynote on Twitter.

Previously, Apple has limited its livestream to Safari and Edge browsers, excluding it from the most popular browser, Chrome. This meant you either had to be using an Apple product (iPhone, iPad or Mac) or a Windows 10 computer, limiting the possible audience for its events.

It wasn’t until earlier this year at WWDC that Apple finally relented on its strict guidelines and allowed Chrome and Firefox users to stream the event. However, it’s unclear if the same benefit will be afforded for this event.

In offering the livestream via Twitter, it will open up its livestream to a much bigger audience.

Apple’s event will start at 10 a.m. PT where it will unveil three new iPhones and the new Apple Watch Series 4. TechnoBuffalo will bring you complete coverage of everything Apple announces.