Apple iPhone 5s-Back

Apple’s iPhone 5s supply woes might carry on until early Dec., according to a new analyst report. Following immense demand—the shiny new gold model in particular has been hard to come by—Apple has found it difficult to stock store shelves with its new Touch ID-equipped iPhone. With 9 million plus devices already sold since Sept. 20, the issue could persist well into the holiday shopping season, meaning buyers will either have to patiently wait or settle on Apple’s colorful and cheaper iPhone 5c.

In an investor note Thursday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster predicted this year’s release will closely mirror last year’s iPhone 5 launch, which wasn’t able to reach a supply/demand equilibrium until early December. Considering how incredibly popular Apple’s higher end device has been so far—it made up the majority of early sales—there’s no reason to believe Munster’s forecast won’t hold true. “It appears that the 5s could follow the same pattern based on early ship time tracking,” Munster said.

While inventory is particularly tight online, Apple’s retail stores still have some models in stock; Munster and his team apparently checked with twenty different stores this week and found 35-percent of them had 5s’ ready for pick up. No word on which of those was in gold.