Rumors regarding Apple's next iPhone are inevitable. You can't ignore them like you can't ignore air. And this one is no different, but it carries a little more weight than what we've heard. According to a Shenzhen-based manufacturer that allegedly has an inside track with Foxconn, Apple is indeed planning a June launch for the next iPhone.

Unveiled by TechCrunch, a "confidential presentation" points to a "firm June 2013" launch of what's known as the iPhone 5S. The unknown manufacturer claims it's working directly with Foxconn as it ramps up production of Apple's next handset so it can have products available immediately following the iPhone 5S' launch.

June rumors have been gaining a lot of steam as of late, and this is the biggest indication yet we'll see Apple's next handset over summer. The company has been pretty quiet over the last few months—though the speculation has been rife with smart watch, iPad mini 2 and iPhone stories. What can we expect next? June isn't all that far away.