In exactly one month Apple is expected to announce its next iPhone(s), according to a report from AllThingsD. Sources speaking with the publication said the company's event will be held on Sept. 10, a Tuesday, though it's still unclear what exactly Apple will unveil—an iPhone, yes, but specs are still unknown, and AllThingsD's sources didn't specifically say if a cheaper iPhone would be part of the proceedings. Seeing as we've spotted rear casings of the supposed iPhone 5C pop up all across the Internet—we saw dummy units of both today—chances are high we'll learn about two new mobile device soon.

Over the past several months, speculation for Apple's next mobile devices has been at a fever pitch, particularly surrounding the company's supposed budget iPhone. We've seen mid-production casings appear numerous times, and in an array of colors, so it would seem like that device's existence is a lock. Harder to pin down, though, is what we'll get with the next flagship iPhone, which will likely be called the iPhone 5S. Rumors suggest it'll come with fingerprint scanning tech and a better camera, but the device is still largely a mystery.

The iPhone 5S will probably feature typical Apple fare—better specs, faster, iterative. With the iPhone 5C, Apple will reach into the opposite end of the spectrum while keeping a familiar design—a bit of iPhone 5 and iPhone 3GS thrown into the mix. Betas of Apple's upcoming iOS 7 upgrade have been coming fast and furious, and we imagine the company will spend time going over the OS's biggest features, and maybe a few changes over what we saw when it was first teased in June.

Apple has been relatively quiet this year having only released a few updates to its MacBook Air line. It's unlikely we'll see a brand new redesigned iPad during an iPhone event, but leaks have picked up over the past few weeks, so who knows. The company could surprise us with something big, a One More Thing-type moment—Apple retail stores are expecting a lot of new Apple gear this fall—but we'll have to wait and see. Chances are Sept. 10 will be all about the iPhone, though.

The date of Sept. 10 isn't itself particularly significant, but IFA will be taking place in Berlin that week, where many companies are expected to unleash their next flagships for the holiday period. Of course Apple would schedule an event during that week, across the world, where much of the attention will be redirected. Classic.

We have one month, then, until Apple shows us what it's been working on all year. We'll get iOS 7, yes, and Mavericks. We'll also probably get an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Whether we'll see anything else, anything surprising, remains to be seen. Maybe a champagne colored iPhone 5S? I guess that wouldn't be much of a surprise.