Yesterday’s match-up featured our closest competition thus far in Mobile Madness 2014. Voting closed with the LG G2 edging out the HTC One by just 2 percentage points. The LG G2 actually was behind by double digits leading up to this morning and slowly carved away HTC’s Lead. The LG G2 will now go on to face the winner of today’s contest, the iPhone 5c or the Nokia X+.

There were reports earlier this month that stated Apple is sitting on a ton of iPhone 5c inventory, a stark contrast to Apple’s usual quick turnover of physical product. Most users seem to still gravitate to the higher-end iPhone if they choose to go the Apple route. While the 5c is not a flagship device it performs rather well and is a lot more solid than people expected a plastic iPhone to be (remember the iPhone 3G?).

Nokia’s X+ is one of three new Android devices announced just weeks ago at Mobile World Congress and while the specs certainly fall short of anything spectacular the device appears to be competing around the same marketspace as the Moto G’s. Which supports the idea that not everyone needs or wants a flagship device. So maybe there may just be a market for Nokia in the budget Android hardware space.

Which device do you see winning this round? The Apple iPhone 5c or the Nokia X+? You decide.

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Review

The iPhone 5c is an easy device to write off. Essentially a repackaged iPhone 5, Apple’s cheaper and more colorful handset ditches metal for plastic, subtlety for pop. If ever there was an Apple product that was designed to be seen, this would be it—and that’s the point. Instead of chamfered space gray edges or lavish gold paint jobs, the iPhone 5c sports vibrant hues of blue, pink, green, yellow and white. The expanded palette is very reminiscent of Apple’s own iPod lineup. Or, if it even matters, Nokia’s Lumia family, which also proudly wears bright colors.

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iPhone 5C product

Apple iPhone 5c

  • 4-inch, 1136 x 640 pixel display (326 ppi)
  • iOS 7 (at launch)
  • A6 Processor
  • 16GB, 32GB

Full Specs

Nokia X+

Nokia X+ Hands-On Video

You’ll find a 4-inch 800 x 480-pixel display up front, which is okay, but not overly impressive. It also runs an AOSP Android, which means you can side-load Android apps but you don’t have access to Google Play Services. It definitely feels really watered down and is somewhat sluggish during use. We really couldn’t tell a big difference between the Nokia X and Nokia X+ during our brief hands-on, but we imagine the extra RAM will come in handy while mutlitasking.

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Nokia X+ - product

Nokia X+

  • 4-inch, 800 x 480 pixel display (233 ppi)
  • Android
  • 1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor
  • 768MB
  • 4 GB/li>

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Voting will close Wednesday, March 12 at 2:00 p.m. PST.