iPhone 5c in Blue

Despite offering a friendlier price tag and an array of vibrant colors, production for Apple’s new iPhone 5c is allegedly getting cut in half due to tepid demand. The Cupertino company’s “unapologetically plastic” device, which we’re actually big fans of, hasn’t really enjoyed the same success as its more tech-savvy brother, the iPhone 5s; maybe it was designed to be that way. Still, cutting production in half, from 300,000 per day to 150,000 per day, suggests people just don’t want a plastic iPhone.

No actual reason has been given for the production cut, though many talking heads agree the 5c isn’t as popular as Apple hoped. Or, perhaps, with the launch window now over and done with, production is scaling back to focus more intently on the iPhone 5s, which is still a hard device to come by; the 5c is currently readily available, and for pretty great prices, too. Ship times for the iPhone 5s through Apple’s own website, on the other hand, are still being pushed back.

With such headline-grabbing features like a fingerprint scanner and a new gold color option, customers seem much more interested in purchasing the iPhone 5s. On opening weekend alone, Apple managed to sell over 9 million new iPhone units, over 70 percent of which were the 5s. So while 5c models are indeed being purchased, weaker demand is allegedly leading to some major production cutbacks. Does that mean the 5c is doomed? Hardly. On a positive note, it could mean the device will be much cheaper later this year than the suggested $100 on two-year contract.