After getting a grand unveil last week, Apple’s cheaper and more colorful iPhone 5c is finally available. The device’s announcement wasn’t much of a surprise thanks to the sheer number of leaks, but Apple took it in stride and still managed to drum up excitement. Judging from the early reviews, people are definitely loving the infusion of bright colors to Apple’s iPhone line, and believe it’s actually one of the company’s more impressive products in recent years.

Many people were dismayed that Apple would ditch its iPhone 5 for a cheaper device. But look at it from Apple’s perspective: now Apple has clear differentiation between a high-end hero device and something for the everyman. At a price point of $99, Apple fans can get a device that still boasts impressive guts, and newly infused colors that adds a fresh element to its iPhone line. “For the colorful,” Apple explains on its iPhone 5c website. “It expresses a feeling. Makes a statement.”

It doesn’t have the premium materials of the iPhone 5s, or that new fangled Touch ID technology. But it is a device clearly designed to create a more harmonious software / hardware experience, and it appears Apple has achieved that goal. With more alluring colors and wallet-friendly prices, will the Cupertino company’s iPhone 5c device be the hit Apple so clearly wants it to be? That remains to be seen.

The iPhone 5c is now officially available in the Eastern timezone of the United States, so get out there and pick one up.