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The tablet market continued to grow in the third fiscal quarter of 2013, and while Apple sold more tablets in Q3 2013 vs. the same quarter of last year, the company’s overall market share dropped. The International Data Corporation’s latest report shows that just 29.6 percent of tablets currently in use are iPads, down from 40.2 percent in Q3 2012.

Overall, tablet shipments increased by 36.7 percent in the past year, jumping from 34.8 million units to 47.6 million units in an increase that can mostly be attributed to Android’s growth. Apple still sells more tablets than any other one company, but lumped together the Android army easily outsells the iPad.

Apple shipped a total of 14.1 million tablets during the quarter, up from 14 million tablets shipped in the year-ago quarter. Samsung shipped 9.7 million tablets, grabbing a 20.4 percent market share and showing a year-over-year growth of 123 percent. Next, was Asus with 3.5 million tablets sold, followed by Lenovo (2.3 million) and Acer (1.2) million. Other tablet vendors, including Amazon, Microsoft, Dell and HP, made up the remaining 35.3 percent of the market with 16.8 million tablets shipped.