The iPad, like most of Apple's product line, is a polarizing device.  There are those that are going to love it no matter what, and a separate camp that will refuse to even touch one.  I think I fall somewhere in between those two extremes.  I was critical of the device when it was first launched but became increasingly more curious and progressively more optimistic as more information about it was released.  So, now that you know my viewpoint, let's get to the review.

I rely on the mobile web to help me work, a reliance that has become sort of a crutch in recent years.  For the iPad to be even remotely useful, it had to have a good web browser, and wow did Apple nail this one.  Browsing on the iPad is an unbelievable experience, far better than any similarly sized netbook I've used.  Its interface is intuitive, simple, and just plain works.  The lack of Flash is certainly an annoyance, but not having it is a reality I've grown used to with the iPhone.  Apple is forcing many sites to convert to their preferred HTML5 format, so lack of Flash will be less of a problem as time progresses.  Browsing the web on the iPad is one of those things you just need to experience for yourself to understand.  No amount of videos watched will actually convey how good an experience it is.  If you can get to an Apple store, or retailer, and just hold one…you'll be glad you did.

The iPad has been lauded as just a big iPod Touch, and in many ways it is, but that's not a bad thing.  The extra screen real estate lends itself to way more application utility.  The included Mail app now has preview panes and lists, YouTube can offer multiple grid lines, newspapers and magazines can be almost life-sized, and most importantly, you can have a proper keyboard.

The above video runs through all the previously mentioned features, and many more.  Ultimately, I'm able to draw several conclusions about the device…namely, it's worth the price…at least for me.