A fresh iPad mini rumor surfaced out of China on Tuesday and, while the source doesn't have any established credit that we know of, we figured we'd bring you the latest whispers around the highly speculated-upon tablet. Apple's iPad mini, according to MyDrivers, will pack a 7.85-inch Sharp IGZO display that will help keep the device thin, but strong. The report reiterates earlier suggestions that the tablet will come in at a price point between $250 and $300. That's $100 more than the Amazon Kindle Fire and the 8GB model of Google's brand new Nexus 7 tablet, which means Apple might not go toe-to-toe with those two devices, even if the iPad mini has a similarly-sized display. We've heard several reports that have tried to pinpoint launch dates for the iPad mini: One report suggested it could launch this August, one said this October and another said Q3. It's starting to sound like nobody knows what they are talking about.

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