Angry businessman

There was a small bit of uproar after Apple introduced its fourth generation iPad with Retina display not long after it released the iPad 3. Consumers felt that they had been somewhat swindled because Apple decided to outclass its older iPad so quickly. That's just the way technology moves, though, and you can't really blame a company for moving forward as quickly as possible. Or can you?

Maybe in Brazil. Citizens there recently filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that the company planned to make its iPad 3 obsolete by releasing the fourth generation iPad with Retina display. Fact is, Apple was just building a product with better specs, but since most apps and other features are still available on the iPad 3, it's actually far from obsolete.

Still, here's the argument from the lawsuit:

The institute claims that the iPad 4 is not [an] effective technological evolution [compared to] the iPad 3 or 'New iPad', characterizing [a] sort of "planned obsolescence". In practice, the accusation is that the Apple iPad 3 could have reached the shelves with the characteristics presented in the fourth generation – a processor, a connector and a camera a bit more advanced.

The suit is fighting for those involved who own an iPad 3 to receive a free upgrade to the fourth generation iPad from Apple, in addition to a cash settlement equal to half the price of the fourth generation iPad. According to MacRumors, Apple isn't even aware the lawsuit exists.

This seems a bit silly to us, sort of like the woman who sued McDonalds because her coffee was too hot.