iPad 2 - China Flag Overlay

Apple’s new iPad only recently went on sale in China on July 20, following a trademark dispute with Proview, but the company’s entire iPad line was able to garner a 72% share of China’s tablet market during the second quarter of this year. Chinese analytics firm Analysys International said that tablet purchases increased 63% since the same quarter last year and that consumers snatched up more than 2.34 million tablets during the second quarter.

China iPad Market Share

No other tablet maker came close to Apple’s market share (obviously). Lenovo had a 8.38% share of the tablet market, followed by Eben (3.63%), Samsung (3.59%), Acer (3.27%) and Asus (1.86%). Motorola had an embarrassing showing during the quarter, with a 0.26% share of the market.

Obviously it looks like there aren’t any major rivals against Apple in China, so we expect this trend to continue. We do imagine, however, that Windows 8 and Windows RT could put a dent in the iPad’s market share over the next year.

[via AppleInsider]