One of the biggest complaints people have had about iOS devices is the lack of support for AVI files, a popular format for downloading movies and TV shows from file sharing networks, as well as for converting DVDs you own to digital files.  The theory has always been that Apple hasn't supported this format because of the videos it sells via iTunes, and also the fact that most files in that format are acquired illegally.

cinexplayerDespite the questionable sources for such files, people have wanted the support, especially for the larger screen of the iPad, but it just seemed like that was never going to happen.  Why would Apple, famous for its closed eco-system, want to give you the ability to play any file you wanted on your device?

So, color us surprised when a few days ago the CineXPlayer showed up in the App Store.  Yes, it is an application that will play .AVI files using the Xvid format.  Honestly, we didn't write it up when it showed up on Aug. 6th because we figured by the time we wrote it up it would be pulled off the store, but it's still there five days later.  Even more amazingly, it's free.

If you have an iPad, we suggest you download it pronto because it could still be pulled at any time.  As you can see from the demo video, getting files on your device is pretty darn easy.  I've downloaded the app, but had no chance to test it yet, but figure its better to be a day late and a dollar short if this ever does disappear.

Yes, it still sucks we have to use an app to accomplish something that really should be native to the iPad, but it is what it is.  Seeing as the app is free, you can't complain too much.

What say you?  Will you be grabbing it?

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