We've been hearing a lot of rumors that Apple may be looking to remove the home buttons from iOS devices and replacing it with multi-touch gestures down the road.  While many people have said this is a crazy idea, we're afraid the first piece of the puzzle has been confirmed by this video showing new multi-touch gestures.

As you can see in the video above, with the new gestures turned on, almost all need for the home button has been removed from iOS.  While it's true it's just one button, and people would get used to the new controls, the initial resistance is going to be pretty significant we imagine.

It's obvious that Apple is moving towards a buttonless world when you look at their other products.  The Magic Mouse has no discernible buttons (although it does still click), and the Magic Trackpad is all about bringing gestures to your desktop computer.  So, it isn't too hard to think that Apple may indeed be looking to remove all buttons from its products.  Lets face it, they interrupt that smooth look Steve Jobs is so in love with.  'The less buttons in this world, the better' would have to be Apple's manta.

While, for now, it appears that you will have the option to turn these controls off, how long will that be the situation?  Is Apple using this as an opportunity to get us used to the concept of controlling our iOS devices via this method just so they can get rid of the home button down the road?

Only time will tell.

What say you?  Is Apple going to go to multi-touch controls on all of the iOS devices?