Apple officially confirmed it will release iOS 12.1 for the iPhone and iPad tomorrow, the same day it is holding a special event where it is going to unveil, among other things, a new iPad Pro.

iOS 12.1 has been in the works since iOS 12 debuted in September to fix multiple issues that have dogged the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR while adding a ton of new features.

The biggest bug fix is the much-talked-about Beautygate that has been the source of iPhone photography discourse over the past couple weeks. When taking selfies with iOS 12, there seems to be a high degree of facial smoothing that creates an over-processed look that many decried as a beauty filter. However, Apple came out and denied it, stating it was just a bug that was going to be fixed with the iOS 12.1 update.

Some of the new features iOS 12.1 is adding includes Group FaceTime, new emoji, improved depth control in the camera and the dual SIM support.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the iOS 12.1 update to hit your iPhone and iPad.