When it launches this fall, iOS 11 will introduce a lot of changes, many of which Apple didn’t even mention. But there’s one low-key change, first pointed out by Twitter user Turqmelon, that’s going to make an immediate difference to millions of iPhone and iPad users everywhere.

Currently, when videos and other content play in full screen, changing the volume brings up an annoying HUD that sits on top of what you’re doing. It can be an incredible nuisance, especially when watching sports highlights or movie trailers.

The gallery above demonstrates the subtle change

Thankfully, someone at Apple recognized how annoying the problem is, and came up with a solution in iOS 11. Now, the volume HUD will be discreetly tucked away in the top-right, which is a bigger adjustment than people realize.

Some big apps, such as Instagram, have already come up with their own volume adjustment solutions, so the problem isn’t as widespread as it once was. Still, it’s nice to see that Apple finally came to its senses and realized putting UI elements over fast-paced basketball highlights is a bad idea.

This is one instance when a small change makes a big difference. Apple is set to launch iOS 11 this fall, with a public beta arriving at the end of June.