You hear that? That's Apple galloping toward the finish line of iOS 11.

The Cupertino company on Monday released the fourth beta for the software, likely introducing several bug fixes and enhancements in the latest release. We can likely expect a new public beta to follow shortly.

Apple introduced iOS 11 back in June, unveiling the many big changes set to hit iPhone and iPads this fall. Things like improved multitasking, a redesigned Control Center, and more. There are also several features Apple didn't talk about expected to arrive when iOS 11 is released.

Apple is moving at a pretty good clip ahead of the software's consumer release. With the first day of Fall coming on Friday, September 22, we can likely expect the final version of iOS 11 to be released around then.

In addition, that'll probably be around the time Apple unveils the iPhone 8, too, so fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming months.

Developers can download iOS 11 beta 4 now.

Apple on Monday spent a lot of time talking about the big features coming to iOS 11 this fall. Among them is an emphasis on augmented reality, productivity features for the iPad, and Siri that Apple says is now more useful (because we all know the assistant is not very useful right now).

But among the myriad of updates—you can read about them right here—Apple showed off a slide that showed off many other features coming to iOS 11. Things like Wi-Fi password sharing, one-handed keyboard, SOS on iPhone, and more. So, what else didn't Apple talk about? We have the full list.

SMS fraud extension

Does that text from an unknown number look a little suspicious? In iOS 11, Apple will warn users when random SMS come that could potentially be dangerous. You can never be too careful.

Wi-Fi password sharing

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with a guest has always been a pain, but iOS 11 will finally make the process easier. We're not entirely sure how Apple plans to implement the feature, but it'll likely live inside the "Share" extension.

Redesigned Podcasts app

Like the rest of iOS 11, Apple's Podcasts app will finally get some love. Expect the app to look more like Apple Music, which seems to be where Apple's redesigned software it taking its inspiration.

FaceTime Live Photos

As our front-facing cameras improve, so do the pictures. And because people love to take photos of themselves, Apple is apparently allowing the front-facing camera of future devices to support Live Photos.

One-handed keyboard

Apple's iPhone 8 is rumored to feature a 5.8-inch display. As such, Apple is making it easier to type one handed. We've seen clever one-handed keyboards before, so it won't exactly be new to iOS users. Still, it's nice that there will be one built-in.

Type to Siri

For accessibility, Apple will allow users to type to Siri, a similar feature Google recently introduced to its Assistant software. This one is pretty self-explanatory but no less welcome.

SOS on iPhone

In a sticky situation? SOS on iPhone will likely be a quick way to alert friends and family that you need help. It isn't clear if the feature will be in Control Center, iMessage, or buried in Settings.

Flight status in Spotlight and Safari

Checking to see if your flight to New York is on time is easier than ever. Just jump into Spotlight and type in the relevant info, and voila.

iCloud family storage plans

It makes zero sense for a each individual member in a large family to have their own iCloud storage plan. In iOS 11, there will be family plans that multiple users can share together.

QR code support

Apple actually mentioned this during its presentation, saying users in China will be able to scan QR codes using the camera app. The slide above suggests it'll be available in more regions around the world.

Screen recording

Technically you can record your screen now, but you have to first plug your device into a Mac that's running QuickTime. The new update will seemingly streamline the process and record their screen right into iOS. It'll be a handy feature for tutorial videos and such.

That's just a small slice of what's coming to iOS 11. You can peep the screenshot above to see a more expanded list—it's very likely that list may not even include everything.

If you're a developer, you can download iOS 11 beginning today, with an expected consumer release coming this fall.