This week, Apple introduced the first beta for iOS 10.2, an update that includes a new feature called Camera Preserve, among other cool additions. But most of the fixes and enhancements are unseen and under the hood. So what’s so special?

Emoji. Specifically, a clown emoji.

As frequent users of digital messaging platforms, it’s the new emoji—over 70 new ones!—that people will find most interesting. A fox face, avocado, and owl are the latest ways to passive-aggressively communicate with friends and loved ones.

Oh, don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing by sending me a thinking face emoji. (Wait, what are you doing?) A burrito emoji, sure, and even a pizza slice emoji will do. But it’s hard to interpret a confounded face when all I asked was whether or not you want to get dinner.

When these new emoji officially roll out to regular users—probably in a week or two—people will no doubt pick a few favorites. The shrug emoji is certain to be a hit, while those of us in California will be partial to the avocado.

There are many, many more—like I said, over 70. A nauseated face? Gross but hilarious. Carrot; peanuts; squid, kiwifruit; pancakes; and more. There are even first, second, and third place medals, which will be perfect for throwing shade at friends. Hi, mom! — first place emoji. Craig — third place emoji.

Never before has it been easier to piss off your closest friends.

Out of the 70+, it’s the new clown emoji that I both love and hate. Microsoft’s interpretation doesn’t look bad. But the design Apple users will see is just… off. Maybe it’s the pale complexion or the sparse tufts of purple hair. Or maybe it’s the overly-exaggerated makeup.

Clowns are supposed to entertain and delight with their antics and physical comedy. But it’s hard to enjoy what these entertainers represent when they simultaneously look like they want to murder us. And considering the multiple clown sightings in recent weeks, the timing is a little too on point.

That’s why I both love and hate the new iOS 10.2 clown emoji, which I am definitely going to send to everybody in my contacts because I am terrible.

I like the more cartoonish look

There are several others included in the upcoming update, such as a lizard, shark, canoe, and Martial Arts uniform. Several other emoji are becoming more detailed, too, which the public at large seems to be very divided over. Personally, I prefer the emoji offered by Google and Twitter, which both have a decidedly cartoonish look.

Either way you slice it, though, the clown emoji still gives me the willies, cartoonish or not.

So, who are you going to send the clown emoji to first? Just be sure to send it to those who suffer from coulrophobia sparingly.

You can check out the full list of emoji being added at the source link below.