The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus still offer some of the best smartphone cameras you’ll find on the market today. Apple knows it can’t sit still, certainly not with Samsung and other firms pushing forward. A new patent suggests the firm has invented a smartphone camera system that could create even more accurate photos.

Spotted by AppleInsider, Apple’s patent, titled  “Digital camera with light splitter” imagines a camera module with three different sensors and a light splitter. The splitter will apparently separate red, green and blue light and send those rays to three individual image sensors.

“Three image sensors are also provided, where each sensor is positioned to receive a respective one of the color components that emerge from the respective face of the cube,” Apple explains in the patent. “The image sensors may be clear pixel array sensors that have no color filter array or color separation capabilities, making them relatively inexpensive yet more accurate (due to no color interpolation or demosaicing required).”

Apple imagines using this sort of technology in a consumer electronic device, and the photos above suggest it’s considering using the tech in something such as a future iPhone. As with any patent, this doesn’t necessarily mean Apple is certainly going to add a light splitter into its future iPhone cameras, but there’s definite interest in creating even more powerful cameras for the iPhone.