The Apple Watch is expected to get an upgrade in the next few months, but what about the wristbands that go with it? A new patent from the Cupertino company reveals one way Apple could improve its smartwatch with a totally redesigned band.

The patent, which was filed last August and published on Thursday, describes a magnetic wristband that folds into various positions depending on the situation. The basic configuration looks like a pretty typical band, but once it comes off your wrist things start to get interesting.

You can fold up the band to protect the display for easy transportation or turn it into a small stand for your desk. The built-in magnets also make it possible to stick the Watch to your MacBook or even your fridge. The former could be a clever place to leave the device if you don’t feel like wearing it at home or work but still want to check in periodically for notifications.

Of course this is just a patent. It may never see the light of day, but with a second-gen Apple Watch expected in the spring, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few new bands as well. One thing’s for sure: if Apple does decide to make this transforming wristband a reality, we definitely won’t complain about it.