A screen shot of Apple’s indirect channel inventory plans suggests that the company will indeed reveal new MacBook Pro with Retina laptops next week, likely with Haswell processors. The screen shot above shows that Apple plans no inventory of its existing models for its channel partners, which basically shows us that it has plans to stock something different.

On the same token, there’s a bit of a surprise when it comes to iPads. Oddly, Apple’s indirect channel partners are continuing to stock the iPad mini with high inventory. That could point to a possible price drop as the company introduces a new model – though we’re unsure if the new iPad mini 2 will have a Retina screen or not just yet.

While Amazon has cut inventory of the Apple TV in some countries, Apple’s own system suggests partners are going to maintain a very high inventory of the device. AppleInsider notes that, since these are indirect sales numbers, Apple could be pushing all of its own existing inventory out to partners to free up space for new products. So, perhaps we’ll still see a new Apple TV during Apple’s event on October 22.