Rumor has it next year’s iPhone could feature a flexible OLED display, and a newly published Apple patent may help pave the way. The company was recently granted rights to a design for LED structures, including “flexible substrates” that could show up in future devices.

The patent, which was filed last September, appears to be based on technology from LuxVue. Apple acquired the company, which focused on energy efficient microLED displays, back in 2014. At the time we guessed it might factor into the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple doesn’t rule out the possibility of a second-generation smartwatch, but it also casts a much wider net. The LED display could be used for a “television, tablet, phone, laptop, computer monitor, kiosk, digital camera, handheld game console, media display, ebook display, or large area signage display.” So it’s possible we could see the technology pop up in a future iPhone or some other Apple device.

If Apple can find a way to combine energy efficiency and a flexible display, the results could be pretty groundbreaking. Considering this patent is  based on technology already acquired by Apple, it seems likely we’ll eventually see it hit the market in some form.