Apple TV in the Woods - 02

Yet again—or maybe for the first time—Apple has held friendly chats with TV programmers about a potential subscription-based streaming service. This would mark the umpteenth report about Apple potentially getting into the TV business. So far, nothing has stuck, and talks with executives are allegedly in the very early stages.

The service would be a lot like the one Dish began selling last month with Sling TV, which bundles in a handful of channels for live TV. Apple's solution would just be more Apple-y, with its own interface and white colors and translucency. Sling TV has already nailed the formula, and it sounds like Apple wants to capitalize on the idea.

Recode says Apple has already shown off demos of the rumored service, which means the Cupertino company is just waiting for TV programmers to jump on board. Pricing and other terms are still unknown, and Recode said Apple has declined to comment. Apple and TV have danced for months, even years, but nothing has really come about. But considering how the TV landscape is changing, Apple is getting serious about a service of its own.

Whether Apple will simply follow suit or actually change the game remains to be seen. Apple executives in the past said they cracked the TV code, but so far the company has nothing to show for it.