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Apple is reportedly in "crunch mode" as it selects a lineup of third-party applications that will be showcased during its iPad 3 unveiling. Sources "familiar with the matter" have told The Next Web that the Cupertino company is in the process of sourcing apps that will be used for on-stage demonstrations, and in its advertising for the third-generation device.

Apple traditionally shows off impressive third-party apps during new product unveilings to demonstrate not only what its devices can do, but also the kind of software you can expect to enjoy if you adopt its latest gadget. A good example of this is with Infinity Blade 2, which was used at the Let's talk iPhone event back in October to show off the capabilities of the iPhone 4S and its dual-core A5 processor.

Earlier last year, Apple used its own GarageBand, iMovie, and Photo Booth applications during the unveiling of its second-generation tablet.

With the iPad 3 expected to show its face during the first week of March, Apple has just a few weeks left to finalize its plans. And the company is said to be focused on soliciting graphics-oriented applications that will demonstrate the device's high-resolution Retina Display:

Our sources tell us that this selection process is continuing at an increased rate as Apple looks to finalize the lineup for the iPad 3. There is also emphasis on graphics-oriented applications with high-definition assets, which appears to be in line with the new iPad featuring a 'Retina' display.

Furthermore, some apps are also being sent to Apple's advertising partner TWBA/Chiat/Day for potential inclusion in its first iPad 3 commercials. This process is also reported to be in its "final phase," with TWBA/Chiat/Day working to a tight deadline to deliver the ads before Apple's presentation.

We're still yet to get official confirmation from Apple on when its iPad 3 event will go ahead, but a number of reputable reports — from All Things D and The Loop's Jim Dalrymple — claim it will happen during the first week of March, with a launch the following week.

Are you looking forward to the iPad 3?

[via The Next Web]