A peculiar iMessage bug has come to light today (this is the first we've heard of it) that hides the last word of certain messages. At least two phrases—"I could be the next Obama" and "The best prize is a surprise"—have been confirmed, by us and other outlets, to hide the last word. The issue happens when you type out the messages and then put an extra space at the end, not a period.

The text can be seen once you copy and paste the message into your iMessage field, but the last word is still rendered invisible once you send it. The issue actually popped up as early as December, but reports vary on what shows up where. When we replicated the problem, the text didn't show up on the iPhone, but did appear on Mac and the iPad. Right now it's unclear the rhyme or reason for the issue.

Once we hear clarification about the weird phenomenon, we'll be sure to update. Have you noticed any oddities with iMessage similar to this? We tried changing the wording of one of the phrases and it showed up without a problem.