Soon after Apple Music was made available for Android, executives at the Cupertino-based company teased more of its services might be made available for Google’s mobile operating system. Naturally, that got a lot of people excited at the possibility of iMessage making its way to Android, and it sounds like that’s exactly what Apple is going to do.

According to MacDailyNews, Apple is going to unveil iMessage for Android at WWDC next week, which couldn’t have come at the more opportune time. For all its flaws, iMessage has become a prominent method of communication on iOS; it’s just too bad it’s remained exclusive on Apple’s platform. That’s going to change, however, a move that will see Apple infiltrate Android at a time when Google’s messaging efforts are more confusing than ever.

Google already has a stock messaging app and also offers Hangouts. As of Google I/O, it also revealed plans to release Allo and Duo, two new platforms meant for communication. It’s unclear if Apple plans on introducing any new features to iOS. The service has remained virtually unchanged since it launched in 2011, and it’s often a big reason people continue to stick with iOS (at least for the people I’ve talked to).

I’m not surprised Apple wants to bring the service to more users, especially with Google’s messaging outlook in such disarray. We’ll see what happens during WWDC next week.