Your Apple ID could be locking you out, but don’t be too concerned about that. It’s affecting a large number of users around the world. From numerous reports, there appears to be some sort of bug that’s locking users out of their accounts and forcing them to reset their passwords.

The issue has affected Apple’s various platforms. Users are noticing they can’t get into their Apple IDs on iPhone, Apple TV, iCloud, and Apple Music. More products are included, but those four could be the most popular.

So far, there’s no explanation as to why this occurred. It doesn’t appear to be a security breach, but maybe a glitch on Apple’s side caused some users to get locked out of their accounts. The company has been responding to customers on Twitter by directing them to a support page for unlocking an Apple ID and resetting its password.

It’s not difficult to reset an Apple ID’s password, and thus the issue isn’t too much of a hassle as long as user data remains uncompromised.

Apple hasn’t put out an official statement, but we’ll let you know if the Cupertino-based company decided to say anything at all.