There's a trend happening right in front of us that we might not be seeing: Apple's moving rather quickly into the auto space. In many ways, the iCar is already here.. at least, sort of. The first big unveil happened with the Ferrari LaFerrari, which is outfitted with iPad minis as in-car entertainment systems, but that's just a small piece of the pie.

BusinessInsider recently noticed that Apple is also hiring two positions, one for Manager of in-car services and another for iOS car services. The company has also partnered with several auto makers including GM, Hyundai, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, among others such as Ferrari, to make sure that its services work properly inside the vehicles. Plus, as BusinessInsider notes, it recently beefed up Siri with an in-car "eyes free" feature that allows drivers to work with Siri — search for points of interest, navigate and more — without physically looking at or touching an iPhone.

So while we know that Steve Jobs once dreamed of Apple creating its own iCar, the actual physical vehicle may be cars that already exist, except now they're outfitted with technology that works seamlessly with, or even embeds, Apple's products.