Apple and Major League Baseball have apparently been working on rolling out iBeacon to two stadiums. While we haven't heard an official word from either organization yet, Re/Code says that MLB will announce iBeacon's presence in two professional baseball stadiums sometime on Friday, including Petco Park and Dodger Stadium.

iBeacon, which works with iOS, is already available in some retail stores, like the Apple Store, and can provide information about certain things based on where you are. Using Bluetooth, it's able to more accurately pinpoint your location, as opposed to something like GPS. In an Apple Store, you'll learn information about iPads if you're standing near them, for example. In a baseball stadium, you might find your seat more easily, or perhaps you'll learn about a menu at a nearby hot dog stand. The function won't be intrusive – a user has to first install The Ballpark app from MLB to even get started.

The full use-case for iBeacon in stadiums hasn't entirely been explained, so we're just speculating on its usage right now. We think it will add a whole new element to the experience, however, and hope that we can give it a whirl later this spring. Apple and MLB are working quickly to try to add iBeacon to even more stadiums by the first pitch in March, and Re/Code said the goal is to have more than 20 stadiums outfitted by that point.