Apple jumped into the smart home market on Monday with the announcement of the HomePod—a brand new premium home speaker that will heavily integrate with Apple’s services, like Apple Music and Siri.

First of all, it doesn’t look like any smart home speaker we’ve seem before. Apple is marketing it as a premium speaker, but it will go up against the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The HomePods features an A8 processor, seven tweeter-array, high-excursion woofer and six-microphone set-up with the ability to listen to you wherever you are in the room. While it will include assistant-like features with voice-dictation for Siri, that isn’t its main purpose—or so it seems. It will first be a premium speaker for Apple Music, and Siri integration will play second fiddle to that. You will be able to ask Siri commands like setting timers or playing music.

Apple is touting the HomePod will be able to read the size of a room and adapt accordingly, adjusting music levels for a better listening experience.

As for its design, it looks like any regular speaker you’ve seen with mesh fabric surrounding the round obelisk. On top it has a round display that will let you know it’s listening by lighting up. It will be available in two colors: white and Space Gray and will retail for $349 when it’s sold this December.