Apple iOS 9 Beta 4-1

Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit over the "Error 53" issue in iOS 9, which can render devices unusable if repaired with third-party components. Seattle-based law firm PCVA says its main objective is to get affected customers "re-outfitted" with new devices.

It has long been common practice for iPhone and iPad owners to get their devices repaired by third-party companies when they break; it's usually cheaper than taking them to Apple. And until now, there was nothing wrong with this.

But with one iOS 9 update, Apple introduced Error 53, which essentially prevents a device from operating when certain, unofficial components are detected. Third-party Touch ID buttons are the main culprit.

Apple issued a statement to confirm Error 53 and insisted it was designed to protect consumers — but many of those consumers now have iPhones and iPads they are unable to use. They had been operating perfectly until the iOS 9 update, but now they're useless.

Apple asks customers to contact Apple support if they see this error, but its only fix is a new iOS device; the company claims there's nothing it can do to rectify the issue other than replacing the whole unit.

PCVA warned last week that it was considering a class action lawsuit against Apple as a result of this problem, and now it has filed one.

"The first objective is to get all the affected iPhone customers re-outfitted with working phones, and without the overwhelming costs that thousands of people are facing right now with error 53 codes and bricked phones," said Darrell Cochran, lead attorney for the class action lawsuit.

"That will provide immediate relief to the consumers and, in the end, it will also help Apple."

Cochran also argues that if security is Apple's main concern, "then why did the phones work just fine, sometimes for several months, without the software update"? You can read the full statement via the source link below.

Apple is yet to respond to this lawsuit, and it's unlikely it will publicly. But we could just see a resolution for Error 53 at some point in the future.