Apple wants to dig deeper into the enterprise, that much we already know. The company announced a major partnership with IBM over the summer, in which IBM will help Apple deploy products, software and services to corporate clients. More recently, a new dedicated site explains how Cupertino plans to offer AppleCare for the Enterprise, complete with 24/7 customer support, custom device deployment options, hardware replacement services and more. Now, a report from Reuters discusses Apple's latest efforts of attack.

The news outlet said that it has learned Apple is now on a hiring spree, picking up sales experts who will help sell its products and services to enterprise clients. Citigroup was named as one potential target for sales by Reuters, and Apple has reportedly also met with a company whose clients include DuPont and Procter & Gamble. Another firm, PlanGrid, could help Apple and IBM deploy products into other arenas, like the construction industry, Reuters said.

The move into enterprise territory is huge for Apple, and could help the company reverse its quarterly declines on iPad sales, which have slumped as consumers find fewer reasons to upgrade tablets that are only a couple of years old. Apple has its work cut out for it, however, and IBM will be a key partner in establishing relationships with firms who have long worked with big names in the IT space. Reuters named HP, Dell, Oracle and SAP as some of the stiffest competition Apple will face.

Apple's popularity among consumer devices, however, may help it have an upper hand with employees who are already familiar with its products.