Apple’s performance in South Korea hasn’t been strong, so it’s hiring someone with plenty of experience working in the region.

Brandon Yoon, who last worked with Samsung, is joining the Cupertino-based company to lead operations in its rival’s home country. Prior to working with Samsung, Yoon spent more than a decade at Microsoft. His experience includes product management, strategy, and business development. These are the types of skills needed for Apple to turn around its struggles in Asia.

While with Samsung, Yoon oversaw the entire consumer electronics portfolio from the digital standpoint. He was an integral part of launches and promotions for its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships over the last three years.

The hiring comes at a time when Apple is way behind its rival in South Korea. Strategy Analytics recorded Samsung had 56 percent of the market in South Korea last year compared to Apple’s 18 percent, per Bloomberg‘s report. In 2018, Apple did open its first retail store in the country but clearly more is needed to be successful.

Yoon, according to his LinkedIn profile, started his new role as “General Manager, Apple Korea” just this month.

The news comes a few weeks after Apple poached John Giannandrea, an artificial intelligence mastermind, from Google. Rather than limiting itself to internal candidates, Apple is seeking to grow its businesses by bringing in successful people from other companies.