Apple’s internal marketing team will be adding some important new talent early next year, tapping Arem Duplessis, who previously acted as the designer for The New York Times Magazine as its new creative director. The Cupertino company is reportedly looking to expand the size of its department, and is currently on the prowl for experienced designers and advertisers. Duplessis held his previous position for ten years, and will begin his tenure at Apple next February.

According to reports, Apple’s bolstered marketing team might soon begin working on its own branding efforts, and will stop relying on outside agencies. Additionally, Duplessis’s arrival might have an effect on Apple’s website design and even its iAd service. It’s not entirely clear what Duplessis will do, but he clearly has the talent and experience, and has remained with a respected magazine for a decade, which shows dedication.

With the possibility of Apple gearing up for an exciting 2014—maybe some new products categories here and there—the company could be preparing for an entire marketing blitz to let consumers know about its iWatch or iTV (if those do indeed come to market). If that’s the case, Duplessis will have plenty of work to do throughout the upcoming year. Above are a few examples of his work.