Following reports that a large number of Apple Watches were assembled with faulty Taptic Engines, sources close to Apple have said that none of the devices that were affected have made their way into customers’ hands, a new report claims.

“Apple identified a flaw in a critical component of its Apple Watch before any of them were shipped to consumers, according to people with knowledge of the matter,” Recode reports.

This follows a Wall Street Journal report that revealed a large number of Taptic Engines produced by AAC Technologies Holding in Shenzhen, China, were prone to breaking down over time. Apple has since shifted production to a second supplier — Nidec in Japan — to solve this issue.

But many early adopters feared that some of the faulty Apple Watches may have made their way into the wild. Recode’s report should put their minds at ease.

“I believe no faulty Apple Watches were shipped to consumers,” Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy, told Recode’s Dawn Chmielewski. “I don’t think this is damaging at all.”

Of course, if your Apple Watch does develop a faulty Taptic Engine, you can simply return it to Apple to be replaced and it won’t cost you anything within the first twelve months. AppleCare+ coverage will extend your warranty for an additional year beyond that — and covers you for accidental damage.