You can go into an Apple store and try out the Apple Watch for yourself, or, if you prefer to do things at your own pace, you can watch the company’s comprehensive guided tour videos, which explain several of the device’s features.

Apple has already seen some pretty healthy interest in its new wearable, but, as I found out first-hand, teaching people how to actually use the device will be a major challenge. Smartphones have become almost second nature for a lot of people, but the smartwatch market is nowhere near as ubiquitous, which means getting people on board will be a very difficult proposition.

These individual videos are meant to make the learning curve for the Apple Watch slightly smaller. Earlier this month, Apple made a few of the 11 videos available to watch, and the company on Wednesday added a couple more for folks to check out. If you head over to Apple’s site, you’ll be able to check out how Maps, Siri, Music and phone calls work using the Apple Watch.

It’s a straightforward and painless series, but it’s very important because it takes away the glitz and glamour, and focuses on how the Apple Watch works. The videos serve as a complement to the experience you’d get in a one-on-one session. As I said before, seeing the device in a video is a lot different than actually trying it on.

It looks like Apple saved three of the Apple Watch’s best features for last: Apple Pay, Activity and Workout, so I’d expect those videos to drop next week. For now, familiarize yourself with what the company’s wearable can do before the device finally gets shipped out on April 24.

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