Apple on Tuesday rolled out iOS 11.0.1, an update that introduces bug fixes and improvements. This being an incremental update, it doesn’t appear any major changes are in order. If anything of note is discovered we’ll be sure to let you know.

Apple initially rolled out iOS 11 last week, and like any new release, bugs are to be expected. There were some reports going around from users saying battery life had taken a hit following the latest update. It’s unclear if iOS 11.0.1 fixes that issue—or if it even an issue to begin with.

iOS 11 is a massive update for a number of reasons—not least of which is the introduction of augmented reality to millions of iPhone and iPad users. Below you’ll find some of our guides and tips detailing how to get the most out of iOS 11.

Today’s software update clocks in at around 200MB. Make sure you’re backed up and charged up before you download and install today’s update.

Apple is rolling out iOS 11 to all compatible iPhones beginning today. The update brings a ton of additions, but one of the more exciting ones is the overhaul of Control Center. It now features major new functionalities you are going to want to use.

The two main things you need to know is that Control Center now supports 3D Touch and is now customizable.

The new Control Center will still work the same as before, appearing when you swipe up. If you are waiting for the iPhone X, to access Control Center you will need to swipe from the top right corner. Aside from that, everything else works the same way.

Instead of the panel first introduced in iOS 7, you will now see a new block set-up. At first, it may look complicated, but it really isn’t.

The best thing about it is that everything lives in one page. No more needing to swipe over to the second panel to adjust music controls.

Adjusting things like brightness and volume is still front and center as well as Do Not Disturb, orientation lock and the toggles for Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It will take a quick second to get used to the new placement of some controls, especially brightness.

Apple added a layer of functionality to some of these functions with 3D Touch. Pressing firmly (or long pressing with non 3D Touch iPhones) on the connectivity box or music player brings up an expanded menu with more information and options.

You can also do this with the brightness and volume toggle, Screen Monitoring, and other shortcuts for the Camera, Calculator and Flashlight. It’s a minor tweak but one that makes Control Center much more practical.

The main addition Apple touted was making Control Center customizable. You can now add a ton of new shortcuts at the bottom where before there only lived four.

To add more shortcuts, just go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Here, you will see a menu of 18 available shortcuts. You can add all of them or none if you want. Some of the new options include Low Power Mode, Apple TV Remote, Notes, Magnifier and Screen Recording.

When you set up the Control Center with shortcuts that best fit your needs, using an iPhone becomes instantly easier. Try out using the new Control Center features for yourself.