Apple Music-Beats1-1

Apple's deals with music labels give it permission to add additional Beats radio stations to Apple Music, according to a new report. The Cupertino company could add up to five additional stations at will, without having to renegotiate its terms.

Apple's decision to call its first station Beats 1, rather than just "Beats," suggests that additional stations could come later on. Now The Verge reports that we could see up to six in total before Apple has to renegotiate its existing licenses.

This would allow Apple to launch additional stations in other countries — such as Australia or Asia — or targeted stations for different music genres. It could also allow for dedicated stations for different occasions and events, such as the holidays.

While Apple Music has received mix reviews since it launched in late June, Beats 1 has seen heaps of praise, and is widely regarded as the service's best feature. The labels are said to be "pretty pleased" with it so far, The Verge reports, but many are waiting to see how it fares once the free trial is over.

"One source noted that until Apple Music's trial period concludes in October, all of its subscribers are only seen as "trialists" by the labels," the report reads. Apple will need to sign up as many people as possible when its three-month trial ends this October for Music to be considered a hit, then.