Apple has an affinity for design that often focuses on fashion over function. That appeared to be the case with its flagship Michigan Avenue Apple Store in Chicago, where it had to close sections off because dangerous icicles started to form on the roof. Apple responded to the issue by blaming a software issue rather than putting the onus on the building's design.

In a statement made to the Chicago Tribune, Apple spokesperson Nick Leahy shed light on the issue affecting the Chicago Apple Store. When designing the store, the building's architect, London-based Foster+Partners, implemented a heating system on the roof designed to eliminate dangerous icicles from forming.

Once the ice melted, drainage systems inside support columns would dispose of the water instead of through the gutter, leading to the possibility of icicles forming. But a software glitch led to the roof heating system not functioning as intended.

"The roof has a warming system that's built into it," Leahy said. "It needed some fine-tuning and it got reprogrammed today. It's hopefully a temporary problem."

Apple had a terrible time in 2017 with software glitches that extended beyond its smartphones and computers. Hopefully 2018 is much different.