In iOS 7, Apple introduced a neat Today summation in Notification Center that shows users upcoming events, weather, etc. It's a nice addition, and shows that Apple is exploring ways to present some predictive information from multiple sources; the feature is no Google Now, but it's a good start. The agenda-like view could get even better, however, thanks to a new acquisition Apple made this week.

According to multiple sources, and even a small statement from Apple itself about the alleged acquisition, the Cupertino company purchased iOS developer Cue for somewhere in the region of $35 million. With Cue's technology, Apple would have the freedom to create agendas based on email and other personal info; that means it could scrub through travel info emailed to you, etc. Cue's current implementation looks a lot like Google Now, with interactive cards providing event and meeting information.

Apple said it occasionally buys smaller companies, but wouldn't comment on if and when Cue's technology would be integrated into iOS. Given Apple's laborious upgrade model, we might not see anything of significance until iOS 8, which, following Apple's usual upgrade schedule,  won't be available to the public until at least next September/October. Hopefully Apple can get something out before then.